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Silent Wheel Roller

  • Product advantages: The wheel is up to 4 inches wide, helping users to provide better balance and stability; the length of the handle is up to about 12 inches, and the user does not have to worry about the handle being too short to use. The wheels are made of non-slip rubber, which can be used silently on any ground. Equipped with soft cotton handle, comfortable to hold.
  • Scope of application: ab roller is suitable for men and women fitness enthusiasts and beginners, office white-collar workers, those who are sedentary and cause lower back discomfort, people who lack exercise need to strengthen their core strength, users who want to increase core muscles and exercise eight abdominal muscles .
  • Applicable occasions: easily disassemble and pack into a travel bag, let your ab roller carry with you. It can meet the user's fitness at home, living room, bedroom, gym, office and other places to solve the problem that the user is busy with work and unable to maintain exercise.
  • How to use:Ab Carver super wide belt, The super rolling belt has excellent overall rolling stability and can be easily mastered by beginners or experienced bodybuilders to enhance abdominal muscles. The belt has direction marks and you will find the correct way to roll and come back.
  • Improvement of sports performance: AB Coaster's unique ultra-wide wheel design can activate many muscle groups. Compared with regular sit-ups, the core, back and arms are involved in sports. These effects can meet the needs of golf, tennis, baseball Powerful core strength and movement requiring body integrity.