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Fitness Grip Palm

  • FITNESS GRIP PALM: Our Exercise Grips boast Non-Slip, High-Grip Hand & Palm Protectors. These Ultra-Comfortable Hand Grips really do look after you during your workouts giving you Perfect Hand Protection, allowing you to Focus on your Fitness & Train to the Max. Ideal for Speal Bar Training, Pull Ups, Toe to Bar, Freeletics, Rope Climbing, Calisthenics & More.
  • GENUINE LEATHER GRIPS: Both our Premium Leather and our Soft Suede Hand Guards give a really Snug Fit, Improve Dexterity and are Triple Stitched for Durability. Ventilated for No-Sweat, No-Slip Grip, so you can Improve your Personal Best Times by eliminating trips to the Chalk Bucket! Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • PALM PROTECTION & WRIST SUPPORT: Our Custom Designed Grips help Support your Wrist so you can Concentrate on your Pull Ups and your Workout. Our Grips are Perfect for Olympic Hook Grips when Powerlifting, Weight Lifting & Kettlebell Training.
  • GET THE RIGHT GRIP: Not only do our Gym Grips give added support and comfort, they also Protect Against Slipping or Sliding of the Bar. ProFitness Hand Guards also give Added Protection for Hand Injuries & Skin Conditions, so you can make Full Use of your Monthly Gym Membership!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS: We're s so Confident in the Quality of our Genuine Leather Grips, that if they Ever Wear Out or Tear, We'll Send you out a Brand New One Right Away