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Chest Expander Rope

  • [beautify muscles] - the tension rope is used for chest muscle exercise, which can make the muscle lines beautiful and make women more attractive. The leg movement friction device can beautify the leg line. Foam roller muscle roller friction, smooth water droplet floating point, holding the friction is very comfortable and no pain, can promote blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce pain, and help you restore muscle activity and flexibility.
  • [weight loss] - friction device can relieve leg muscle pain and muscle relaxation. It can also rub shoulders, arms, legs and so on. Help massage deep muscle tissue, release muscle tension, pressure and pain, improve natural circulation, reduce inflammation and restore muscle elasticity. According to the change of stretching direction and body posture, 8-shaped training tube is used to train the muscle strength and softness of shoulder, arm, waist, back and other parts of the body.
  • [design] - 3D floating point design, finger massage floating point, flexible bracket, width can be adjusted according to demand. Four independent rollers, flexible rolling without clamping meat, arc handle design, concave convex design, in line with the human body curve design.
  • [material] - anti fracture elastic support: strong PP, adjustable width, meet the needs of sports massage. Non toxic, non irritating and soft. The hose has strong crack resistance and will not deform even if repeatedly pulled. In addition, the steering wheel is made of sponge to provide a more natural grip, which is not easy to slip, safe and comfortable.
  • [carrying] - this massager is very light and easy to put into sports bags, suitcases, etc. it won't feel tired when going out.